New Stage of the Bacteraemia Zero Project

The tenth monitoring meeting for the Bacteraemia Zero Project was held on 27 October 2010 at the Ministry of Health, Social Policy and EqualityMore than 180 healthcare workers attended: coordinators both from the medical as well as from the nursing areas of the Intensive Care Units participating in the project, programme coordinators of all of the Autonomous Communities and national coordinators of the SEMICYUC (Spanish Society of Intensive-Care, Critical-Care Medicine and Coronary Units), WHO and the Ministry.  

The preliminary results of the project were presented at the meeting, and information was provided on the assessment plan put into place, both on a quantitative as well as a qualitative level, to enable conclusions to be drawn from the different aspects of the results presented. 

The success obtained by Bacteraemia Zero is generating a demand for maintenance and expansion to other units and hospital areas. A number of sustainability proposals and strategies for the improvement of the programme were put forward by several representatives of the Autonomous Communities, and information was provided on the new targets proposed by the SEMICYUC in collaboration with the SNS Quality Agency in order to continue implementing safe practices and extending the culture of safety in intensive care units.

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