The Strategy nº 8 of the Quality Plan for the National Health System places patient safety as one of the key elements to improve health care quality. One of the objectives included in such strategy is to promote the participation of thecitizens in the quality and safety policies.

For the Spanish National Health System, this first milestone of this purpose is the Patients Declaration and Statement of Commitment towards Safety in the National Health System. Nineteen (19) patients and consumer associations have joined this Declaration that was made public during the Third International Conference on Patient Safety, held in Madrid on the 13th and 14th of December of 2007. The Declaration said that SAFETY is a basic RIGHT to attain greater quality of care in the health system, and should be a priority in the policies and actions of the National Health System.

In 2008, the Quality Agency of the Spanish National Health System created the Citizens’ Network of Patient Safety Trainers (“Red Ciudadana de Formadores en Seguridad del Paciente”), an educational initiative which objective is to achieve the active participation of patients and citizens in Patient Safety and Health Strategies policies.