Compiling, synthesizing and disseminating scientific evidence within the framework of the National Health System Quality Plan


  • Updating the information compiled in the Clinical Excellence meta-search engine.
    • Updating and broadening the evidence-based sources of information for healthcare professionals available in the Clinical Excellence meta-search engine(
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    • Keeping the search resource in order to allow healthcare professionals to read information on the finest resources available and extend the search to sources of information on clinical and healthcare management.
  • Expanding on the information included in the Clinical Excellent meta-search engine to citizens.
    • Extension of the Clinical Excellence meta-search engine information sources to include healthcare information sources of importance for patients and citizens, allowing access to evidence-based, researched information concerning health-related topics.
  • Maintain the “Impact” newsletter for professionals.
    • Maintain the “IMPACT” publication on a monthly basis. This is an e-newsletter for publicizing the available resources on evidence-based medicine for healthcare professionals, as well as other relevant information. This newsletter facilitates access to the existing materials and resources, highlights the visibility of actions taken and promotes a greater use of the available resources on the part of the healthcare professionals.
  • Create the “Health for Citizens” newsletter.
    • Broaden the perspective information of the “IMPACT” newsletter for publishing a monthly newsletter with healthcare information suited to the interests and needs of patients and citizens. This newsletter must facilitate access to the main innovations, actions and resources relevant for citizens, in keeping with the evidence-based medicine criteria.
  • Improve scientific knowledge in patient safety.
    • Promoting the compiling of information, conducting systematic reviews and disseminating scientific knowledge in patient safety for the purpose of facilitating the use of scientific evidence to improve the decision-making process in the aspects related to this field.
    • Regular publication of an e-newsletter for healthcare professionals which will make it possible to publicize relevant information on patient safety. Critical commentaries will be prepared and disseminated on systematic reviews for patient safety.