Save lives: clean your hands

World Hand Hygiene Day Held

On May 5, 2009, as announced by the WHO World Alliance for Patient Safety, a worldwide day was held for heightening awareness regarding the importance of proper hand hygiene at healthcare facilities for healthcare workers, patients and patient companions.

The objective was to get the largest number of healthcare facilities and organizations throughout all countries actively involved in promoting this simple measure of prime importance for reducing healthcare-associated infections. Spain was one of the European countries in which the largest number of healthcare facilities adhered to the WHO proposal. [More info].

Save lives: clean your hands

Spain’s Ministry of Health and Social Policy (MSPS) and the Autonomous Community healthcare administrations have promoted this day, numerous Spanish National Health System healthcare facilities having organized supporting acts, training sessions and activities for heightening awareness concerning the importance of hand hygiene. [See related news items].

On the occasion of this special day being observed, the World Health Organization presented the final version of the Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Healthcare and an update of the resources available for implementing actions for the improvement of adherence to hand hygiene at healthcare facilities.

Specific projects to promote hand hygiene in medical centres of the NHS have been financed by the Spain’s Ministry of Health and Social Policy (MSPS) since 2005. These projects aim to provide the availability and the use of alcohol-based hand rubs in the medical centres, as well as to promote training and actions to raise awareness among health care professionals and patients.

On the 5th may 2009 the Quality Agency of the SMH will be joining the World Alliance for Patient Safety of the WHO in the “Save lives: wash your hands” World Day, intended to aware about the importance of this basic hygienic practice within the medical centres.

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