Patient Network Training Workshop

A Training Workshop for the Patients for Patient Safety Network was held on 25 February, organized by the Spanish National Health System (SNS) Quality Agency.

Concepción Colomer Revuelta, Deputy Director General of the Planning Office, welcomed the participants to the Workshop, congratulating them on their work and encouraging them to continue, as patients, users and consumers, in their commitment to and involvement with the challenge represented by Patient Safety.

The participants, 24 in total, from Patient, User and Consumer Associations were able to see at first hand the Virtual Tool (Herramienta Virtual) and training resources created with the support of the Andalusian Public Health Institute (EASP). They also prepared the work programme to be developed by the Network in 2009.

The Virtual Tool aims to provide a response at three levels: first, to act as a meeting place for the Training Network, with specific content to meet its needs; second, to provide the general public with access to generic content, to raise the visibility of the role of Patients for Patient Safety in healthcare; and third, to act as a forum for exchange of views and opinions between the different patient, user and consumer associations.

In connection with the undertakings assumed, the meeting dealt with the organization of three training workshops for trainers in 2009 and with the operational launch of the Virtual Classroom and its content. The Network’s priority lines of action were also established; the telematic content, which represents a marked cross-section, is directed at “Carers, Safe Medication Use, Prevention of Infection, Hand Hygiene and Simple Practices”.